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  Silk Way Rally Mongolia into the first Chinese driver brisk performance 2020 Silk Way Rally from 9 俄罗斯乌兰乌 Germany into the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator, which is the Silk Way Rally for the first time to enter the territory of Mongolia.In the day game, there are six Chinese riders in the top 10, a very successful performance.2016 China and Russia jointly organized by Silk Way Rally, played a positive role in enhancing friendly relations between countries and regions along the Silk Road.2020 tournament for the first time increased by Mongolia stage, is the first organization of the International Rally of brand events jointly by China, Russia and Mongolia tripartite.9, more than 200 riders from more than 30 countries and regions from 俄罗斯乌兰乌 Germany towards the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator.691 full-length stage.35 km, 243 km special stage, stage ravines, varied terrain, navigation for drivers is no small challenge.However, experienced champion 阿尔阿提亚 Qatar maintained from the first checkpoint after the lead, starting to find a way of not too much pressure affect his state, finally reached the end of the lead, the tournament got the third stage championship.Russian driver Crow Rostov gap to 6 minutes 13 seconds ranked second stage.阿尔阿提亚 champion gains the first two stages are.He said after the game, Mongolia track open terrain, a good grasp of the rhythm of the day."We are not blind pursuit of speed too fast, in such terrain, the correct navigation is more important than speed."Chinese Army continued the steady play the first two days, occupy six seats before ten in the third stage, which is very rare in the past, the international Rally.Han Wei riders reached the end of the third day, the gap between him and second place only 12 seconds.Han Weisaihoutan words, the same day the track complex, on the pilot level is a great test."Relative to the Russian track slippery mud, I am better at this track, run up faster, more smoothly along the way."After the first three matches, with a total score standings with a 21-minute advantage 阿尔阿提亚 came out on top, and a Chinese driver Han Kun Liu Wei in second, three.Han Wei Liu Kun-leading 1 minute 45 seconds.The third stage of the motorcycles race, Argentinean Kevin Benavides to lead a 30-second gain another victory; the truck race, Kamaz team drivers Kaji Nizhny places 2 points 8 seconds lead to win.2020 Silk Way Rally 10th stage will loop around Ulaanbaatar, riders will cross the gravel plateau and the Mongolian steppe, a total length of 476 sections.96 km, up to 470 special stage.20 km navigation and speed will be the key to victory.

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