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  Tianhe Park blind corner, maybe love really can encounter Tianhe Park, blind corners, blind corners might really be able to experience the love scene Tianhe Parks blind angle staff already heard Tianhe Park has a "treasure", is well known here, not because of beautiful scenery, rich or fun rides, but you might be able to gain a marriage here.This is the most famous blind corner Guangzhou.As a school-age unmarried young women, this reporter decided to try again the intimate treasure, maybe really be able to gain a valuable love it?Guangzhou Daily all media reporter Miao Jing / Wen Su Yunhua, Chen worry child / Chart parents: "As a boy is tight, now regret" from the north gate into the Milky Way park, shuttle to Lake along the path, eyes suddenly suddenly, ear side began to pervasive.Opposite the amusement park, Lake Lake small slope, rows of trees to hang a blind date data, hundreds of people inside the shuttle, talking.This scene is a full stretch on the meter.Reporters have not walked a few steps, came in the face of the aunt who is calling.She said into the phone: "I just talked with the girls parents too, and all aspects are quite right, people girl 1 m 73, I say you are one meter 74, it also agreed to.You how high it but not enough people?"Remark sounds interesting, but Aunt tone are full of anxiety, be sure to find something no less to worry about daughter.Children of parents find the object has become a burden, this thing is not uncommon in China, looking ahead, most of them here on Uncle aunt age, rarely seen figure of young people."My son is a child of our control is tight, are not allowed to puppy love.When lining up to chase his high school girl, I have been blocked back.But now it can not find the object, you may regret it."Another aunt in front of reporters down from the bitter water.Tree pending transaction data stated in black and white men and women of the blind date information, including age, height, job, salary accounts, whether there are real estate and other information.Cursory look down lap, reporters found that the amount of information is much higher than boys girls.80 is clearly the main force here, but also saw the 2094 girls.And most of the materials are very good, Wan on a monthly salary, 985 masters everywhere.Its like a marriage market, all the conditions are clearly marked.Reporter stroll down lap, only a few people in the information posted photos.Several data against the cold, it is difficult to reporters to outline in my mind a vivid character, let alone determine whether there is intent exchanges.But Uncle aunt who was able to pick the blind angle information into the film into the sea in a match of the object of their children, the next step is to telephone contact, further contacts.Reporters asked several materials are selected aunt, they said, work, salary, real estate these are hard targets, to find meet their standards is not easy, but worth a try.Young: "stay home also could not find the object, come here to chat very good" Then, reporters found a small circle gathered crowd, the crowd center is a young man, this area is rare in young faces.Uncle aunt group surrounded him, turns to throw the question: "You are eight years?"" Do at home in Guangzhou?There are housing it? You look at the photo of my daughter.Young man politely to answer, won the favor aunts, soon added a micro-channel circle of people, and made an appointment at a later date Contact.The crowd gradually dispersed, reporters also started to leave, did not think the guy took the initiative, and reporters accosted.He told reporters that he was in 2079, and today is a mom and up.Few young and promising himself blind corner looking object, so he attracted much attention, appeared to be the focus, after all, real people than a thin blind date information more attractive."Stay home also could not find the object, to come here and chat aunt who is also very good."He said with a smile.Looking around the audience, but also find a few like him personally, "battle" of young men, everyone is a popular full, busy reply came solicitation of parents.But he almost did not see the young girls figure.Dating company, volunteer: "People come every week to send candy" The whole blind angle is divided into several regions.Have occupied a large area of the blind mature companies, some parents own a small organization Area.Staff in some blind employees, some volunteers marriage."Here can be contacted daily to all kinds of people, very interesting."One volunteer told reporters.Staff continue to introduce their activities, in addition to information on a blind date show every weekend, they will hold blind date line activities on a regular basis, provide an opportunity for single men and women face to face.Asked how high the probability of success here blind date, the staff replied: "hard to say, but every week to send the candy man."This is the traditional blind corners, as long as the encounter here the satisfaction of the object, and ultimately into the marriage hall, parents will be back here candy delivery, so that other people are still hard to find too complacent festivity.After the farewell blind corner, reporters backtracked Tianhe North Gate Park, did not expect not walk and was stopped by an aunt, to reporters from her own "high-quality personnel group blind date."."We are deeply attached to each group to recruit only highly educated, highly qualified personnel.Diploma, work units are to go through us first trial of second instance."Auntie told reporters that he is an ordinary parents, because cohabitation company that blind date, simply live on their own.Blind corner in the Tianhe Park, although we throw the question is very straightforward, but very easy-going between words.Although written anxiety parents face, but said that they would respect the childs ideas.While advocating free love their children, but usually limited to the circle, she went blind corners might be able to get more opportunities.But like the blind angle of the most common sentence: "Going."Fate to where the encounter is not a problem.

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