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  More than 300 quality bonsai pots bonsai division debut Kunming at home and abroad "to Friends of Art" More than 300 bonsai pots at home and abroad outstanding works of art on display from 11 in Kunming, bonsai artists live from Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the bonsai show.July 11, bonsai teacher on-site production of "landscape bonsai".China news agency reporters Ren Dong and She Nian 2020 International Association of Chinese bonsai bonsai exhibition area committee members and invited China bonsai exhibition carried out in Kunming Grand Park Yu Garden on the 11th.Shapes, graceful bonsai works blend with the natural landscape Yu Garden, showing the poetic beauty.Grand Park Kunming, deputy director of Xu Hao Tian reports, the Grand View Park has a long history of bonsai cultivation, known as "Yunnan first rockery" rocks bonsai "Choi cliff" in 2030 by the well-gardening guru Zhao Heqing base stack is made.In addition, Grand View Park Bonsai Garden exhibit more than 1,000 kinds of bonsai pots, which are over 300 years of Yunnan faction double bar "shou" character calligraphy calligraphy bonsai and bonsai ancestors Yuan Dian send tin chapter is the author of "many happy returns, Good Fortune" bonsai are worth millions."Bonsai is the excellent traditional Chinese culture and art treasures, plants and flowers that will combine the natural beauty and cultural beauty of the arts and humanities, has a very high ornamental value and economic value, can be beautiful, fresh and great beauty of life, to the world express China."Vice Chairman of China International Bonsai Association Liu Zhuangang representation.China is the birthplace of the art of bonsai.In recent years, industry has developed rapidly bonsai.Vice chairman of the Association of Yunnan Bonsai Stones solution Daoqian said: "The Chinese bonsai are constantly learning and innovation skills in other countries, the integration of traditional skills, continuous improvement, innovation, improve our art of bonsai."" In recent years, the mainland bonsai industry developed rapidly."Bonsai master from Taiwan Xuan Luo people believe that the art of bonsai mainland and Taiwan have many similarities, Taiwan more advanced and mature bonsai in the conservation and management can learn from each other in many ways, drawing.It is understood, we will host an international forum Bonsai Association Bonsai master lectures during the exhibition.

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