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  Irans enriched uranium stocks to break through the upper limit drew international attention Integrated Message: 1 month, Iran announced that the countrys stock of low-enriched uranium concentrations exceeded 300 kg, drew international attention, including the Iranian nuclear issue of the six countries, including the parties stand on the matter in recent days respectively.EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Mogailini Germany, France and Britain issued a joint statement on the 2nd foreign minister said Irans stock of low-enriched uranium to break through the upper limit of the news concerned, urged Iran to stop and take no further action.Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif 1st said that Iran will continue to produce low enriched uranium.He also accused the same day the European countries not doing enough to protect the interests of Iran obtained according to the Iranian nuclear agreement.He also said that as long as European countries agreed performance, protect the interests of Iran, then Iran is willing to return to the agreement.EU and Germany, France and Britain also said the joint statement, the parties will be firm and consistent implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, but it depends on Irans ability to fully implement the agreement.The statement said the parties will consider how to take response actions under the framework agreement.1st White House said in a statement, the United States and its allies will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, the United States in Iraq "extreme pressure" will continue until Iran changes the current behavior.The White House statement was supported Israel.Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov 1st call on all parties to exercise restraint and hope that the European agreement signed by the Iranian nuclear situation in the country must not allow warming, calling on Iran to the maximum extent possible to reach a deal with Iran before the nuclear agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency and the responsible protocol.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 2 at a regular press conference that the measures taken by the Chinese side expressed regret Iraq.Meanwhile, as China has repeatedly emphasized, the United States put pressure limit is the root of the current nuclear tension in Iraq.He said, "We call on the parties to proceed from the overall and long-term, to exercise restraint, jointly safeguard the overall agreement, to avoid tension turns to upgrade."Guterres, UN Secretary-General on the 1st issued a statement through his spokesman, he urged Iran to continue to fulfill the commitments related to the Iranian nuclear deal, I hope the Iranian nuclear agreement other parties to continue to take measures to solve the problem through the mechanism of the agreement.July 2015, Iran and the Iranian nuclear issue of the six countries reached Iran nuclear deal.2020 May, the United States announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and the gradual recovery due to the suspension of sanctions against Iraq agreement.In May this year, Iranian President Rohani announced that Iran suspend performance of the Iranian nuclear part of the terms of the agreement, adding that if the demands are not met, Iran will no longer limit its uranium enrichment activities products abundance.

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