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  Talk about cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship to promote shared opportunities "Youth · Dream Chu" Fourth Cross-Strait Youth Forum opened on the 9th East Lake in Wuhan.Forum initiative: to join hands to create win-win; deepen exchanges, enhance mutual recognition; sharing opportunities, integration and development.The forum is organized by the Central China Normal University, Hubei Provincial Government Taiwan Affairs Office of Hubei Provincial Youth Federation and, more than 300 young entrepreneurs, cultural scholars from across the Taiwan Strait to attend the opening event.17 Chong Wei Wang assistant manager Union Investment Hua told reporters in Wuhan to Taiwan under the preferential policies to support youth innovation and entrepreneurship, he took the first step to realize their dreams.Today, the alliance has grown to 17 create an accelerator for the Taiwanese youth to land successfully assisted over 230 projects in Taiwan the mainland to develop landing.According to statistics, by the end of 2020, Hubei has established more than Taiwan provincial youth exchange platform 6, Taiwan Green in Hubei practice and employment 449 people, 83 business people, all kinds of small and medium enterprises incorporated, Team 158.During the forum, the two sides will youth tasting paper cutting, shadow puppets, paintings, Chinese embroidery and other traditional Chinese arts and culture, participate in the Green Lake rainbow run music-cum-cultural exchange activities, and work experience the charm of Chu culture.

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