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  Guangzhou police strong regulation uncivilized dog behavior Guangzhou police last night to carry out special enforcement action, punishing those uncivilized behavior of the dog if the dog license out and remember to bring enforcement actions last night, many dogs are not "permit to go out.". Guangzhou Daily all media reporter Qiu Weirong photo "This years enforcement action will be taken more stringent measures than in previous years uncivilized dog behavior regulation".Yesterday evening, the Guangzhou police dog management to carry out special enforcement campaigns within the city.During the operation, found that the situation does not permit dogs in the presence of many people walking the dog, in addition, there are dog people do not know to obtain a permit.It is reported that the joint law enforcement team organized action by the public security and urban management department, until the end of the year will regularly carry out enforcement campaigns.Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Dong all media correspondent Zhangyi Tao At 8 pm, the public security and urban management departments of the joint law enforcement team gathered in front of Liede police station before heading to the Pearl River New City Riverside Avenue, law enforcement campaigns.A joint law enforcement team just starting on the roadside near Riverside Avenue will not find two puppies dog leashes, dog owners did not claim carried out, two puppies and soon disappeared into the night.Subsequently, law enforcement officers in the vicinity of Riverside Avenue, Park Meadows of an aunt holding the dog in for questioning, "There is no dog license?"Auntie said he was living in the area near the nanny, for there is no dog license situation is not clear.Law enforcement officers to be registered, and asking them to go back to ask whether the employer obtain a permit, if the permit is not within the time limit, the police confiscated the puppy will come, and be punished.Soon, law enforcement officers checked the one holding the dogs aunt, dog owners claim to have a permit, but did not take out, after police said they would register on-site verification.In enforcement actions, there are also dog owners do not cooperate with law enforcement, an aunt to ask whether the police have to do a dog license, but has repeatedly said that the dog was not her; there is an uncle distance to the law enforcement team, immediately picked up the dog only put into the basket in fast bike ride away.In the enforcement process, a lot of walking on Riverside Avenue, very public support and agree to carry out remediation of uncivilized dog behavior, "dog no problem, but do not affect the safety of others, especially children and the elderly."Reporters follow the joint law enforcement team in the Riverside Avenue, riverside site inspections for half an hour, found that only a dog license for the dog with the public, he presented the electronic version of the dog license to the police, and said:" No Rush certainly can not pull coming!"Superb body 71 cm dog ban on raising operation, law enforcement officers found a man sitting on a stone bench, holding a golden Riverside Avenue rest.The man claiming to have kept a golden six months, but did not know the dog is to obtain a permit.Although Golden belong to breeding species, but the dog suspected of body height exceeds the specified, and there is no accreditation, will be brought back to the police station to police station for investigation with dog owners and dogs.It is understood that, according to "Guangzhou City Kennel Regulations", General Management District, Guangzhou City, the implementation of strict management and captive District prohibits the keeping, sale, breeding of dangerous dog breeds 36 species, including the Tibetan Mastiff, German Shepherd and other varieties.Meanwhile, the municipal public security organs and the municipal animal husbandry and veterinary administrative department believes the body height more than 71 cm of dogs and other strong dogs are forbidden columns support a range of."Species may be kept high if the body can not be more than 71 cm rearing."One law enforcement officers told reporters that if the body exceeds a predetermined species may be kept in a dog license renewal time high, can no longer renew the.After investigation, the police finally found the dog body high compliance, but its without a permit is required to re-submit its conduct within the specified time.This year has been warning uncivilized dog behavior education 1778 people, according to reports, as of May this year, the city had handled 11 dog registration.60000, Haizhu, Yuexiu, Panyu, Tianhe, Baiyun and Huangpu District registered more, but the strict management of the urban area there are still many unregistered dogs.The following salient points of this remediation special rectification focus: dog does not register, dog license expired without renewal, more than one dog, dangerous dog breeding ban and the issue of dog; dog wounding regulation, nuisance barking and no leash and other illegal dog problem; the problem of stray dogs remediation.For uncivilized dog behavior, public security, urban management department set up a joint task force of law enforcement, will regularly carry out concentration and control in key areas, such as dog concentrated areas, urban greenways, parks and other public places.Public security departments strictly investigate not do dog license, no leash, keeping dangerous dogs and other illegal activities as well as social assistance stray dogs, dogs to reduce the stabbing incident; urban management department open defecation dogs, dog Jeeves sales and other illegal activities to investigate.It is understood that public security authorities found illegal and uncivilized dog behavior for daily inspections, mainly for education, warnings, and administrative penalties.According to statistics, from January to June this year, Guangzhou police launched a publicity civilized dog home.50,000 people, warning uncivilized dog behavior education 1778 people, 166 stray dogs captured.How legitimate dog?Strict Management District to conduct dog registration and renewal, prohibits the keeping of dangerous dogs; dog owner may not normal production and life of others because Kennel interference, influence or disrupt public order and security, appearance and environmental sanitation; not abused or abandoned dogs; prohibited dogs into the party and government organs, hospitals, schools and kindergartens and other areas; dogs should be used when bringing a dog rope outdoor activities led dog collar for dog wear dog license, yield to pedestrians, especially the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and children, to stop dogs barking and aggressive behavior; immediate clean up dog feces, etc..

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