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  China 2018 funding for basic education development level of 2.9251 trillion yuan total investment significantly improved Recently, the countrys primary and secondary school teachers across as being busy to improve education quality, a field of exchange activities on educational innovation have held.The eighteenth Party Congress, the Party Central Committee with Comrade as the core of the further education in the strategic position of priority development, make new progress "has been educating the young, their rights to education" on.In 2020, funding for basic education total investment 2.9251 trillion yuan, an increase of 74 over 2012.1%.National pre-school gross enrollment rate, retention rate and the nine-year compulsory school education gross enrollment rate increased by 17 more than in 2012.2,2.4 and 3.8 points.According to the "2020 National Educational Development Statistical Communique" in 2020, the national pre-school gross enrollment rate of 81.7%, nine-year compulsory education consolidation rate 94.2% of high school education gross enrollment rate of 88.8%.Basic education development level has reached or exceeded the national average in high-income."According to the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, by 2020, to ensure that three years before the national school gross enrollment rate, retention rate of nine-year compulsory education, high school education gross enrollment rate of 85%, 95% and 90%, as a basis Education modernization solid foundation."The Ministry of Education responsible person.

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