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  The countrys first non-heritage cultural and creative theme park: "Ode Garden" playing matchmaker the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the network-red The countrys first non-heritage cultural and creative theme park, take the platform for non-genetic Living Transmission "Garden Wing" playing matchmaker to become non-left newspaper reporter Li Yang Hung net non-left broker, heard of it?5 days ago, Jone counties in Gansu Province, 50 students of arts and crafts such as wool textile and roll system, by participating in research training of non-genetic order of the crowd machines, listen to the countrys first non-heritage cultural and creative theme park "Singing Gardens" once lectures.In this talk, the first time they also learned that there is a special non-heritage service team of brokers.They can help sort out their own historical and cultural value of non-heritage skills, to help find their own designers, marketing docking, and even craftsmen can also step up publicity to let the opportunity to become net red.These services are arranged from Beijing cultural and creative park, situated in the straight-line distance from Qiniandian only 800 meters Dongcheng District alley eternal life.June 28, this non-heritage theme park by the Capital Group official transformation was complete and the park opened.Right now, which includes non-genetic team of brokers, a series of innovative power conversion value of intangible cultural heritage of service has been carrying out together."The market level is not high, the lack of modern design, heritage dating, this is a non-heritage protection, heritage, innovation in the chain pain points."Said Li Yue, general manager of the first non-left, a large number of research, based on Wing Park designed a whole chain service platform for these weaknesses.The platform design management, IP authorization under prototyping, financial services, manufacturing, marketing, online and offline sales is equal to one, to promote the production of non-heritage protection.Park as the main operating platform, through authorized investment, sales were divided into three ways to get revenue, bid farewell to the traditional cultural and creative park mainly depend on the way back to the rent, the establishment of a new business model.In other words, this cultural and creative park from the "landlord" to "broker".As a platform-type park, Park Yong-handedly hold up to non-genetic order of man, designer single-handedly hold up.Chinese jade carving master Zhang Tiecheng, costume designer Laurence Xu, Zhang Chao have settled in the park.There are paint + space, and foreign enamel Art Museum, Beijing Design Institute and other traffic that comes with a lot of "individual experts" assigned to the park, play to their strengths, to help speed up the park platform.Wing Park also single-handedly hold up the front-end production, single-handedly hold up the terminal sales.As early as the park is still in the stage of retrofitting old plant, its operations team launched its own non-heritage boutique shops - Chaintech creation, as well as the introduction of non-heritage masterpieces of creative products.Relying on the resources of the Capital Group, 2020 November 17, the first floor Chaintech creation initiative Fangshan Ole; January 30 this year, the second floor shop Oriental Plaza; June 28, the third store opened in the Singing Gardens.Next, will be the first in Shenzhen Longhua center and then set up branches in Kunming, Yunnan.Online sales channels are being set up.The supply of non-heritage of innovative products for sale terminals, it is non-left Singing Gardens innovation into the platform to gather national non-heritage resources.Relying on 4,000 years of history, the birth of the art of tapestry screen, fan, relying on 1,000 years of history of Ru firing techniques developed tea sets, vases, as well as linen, silverware, embroidery Qiang embroidery, batik clothing, etc., about 600 commodities combines practical functionality and contemporary aesthetic, but also their historical and cultural stories attached, such as totem Miao "butterfly mom", Kuaiji Han bronze mirror and social culture spread.To the growing number of non-heritage project to fight the red network, launched Singing Gardens 2020 First China Intangible Cultural Heritage Creative Movement end of June.The non-genetic innovations into the design collection evaluation has attracted more than 110 million hits on the Internet in just two weeks time, more than a hundred applicants received two entries.Cultural and creative platform through the park assist and mentor groups enabling more and more relying on non-heritage project ideas into commercial products will accelerate.Li Yue, at present, the park has been the countrys 15 traditional crafts workstations, entrusted by the State Culture & Tourism Ministry to carry out a number of universities non-genetic order of population research training, as well as China Textile Industry Association, Beijing Design Week, China Fashion Designers Association establish a close cooperative relations, Beijing intangible cultural Heritage protection Center and other institutions.The future, as a broker of Wing Park will make these resources around various non-heritage items turn up, non-estate industry people, skills, enabling the product to achieve Living Transmission.Newspaper reporter Fang non-photo

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