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  Head of the Central Organization Department promulgated the "Communist Chinese state-owned grass-roots organization of Regulations (Trial)" A reporter asked Title: State-owned enterprises in order to promote Party building high-quality high-quality development - Head of the Central Organization Department promulgated the "Communist Chinese state-owned enterprises grassroots organizations working regulations," A reporter asked Xinhua News Agency reporter Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued a "grassroots organizations of the Communist Party Chinese state-owned enterprises work regulations ".International Publication release of the "Regulations", head of the Central Organization Department on the development of the issuance of "regulations" and the implementation of other issues, answered questions from reporters.Q: Please tell us about the "Regulations" to develop the background and process, what is the significance?A: Since the party of eighteen, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade to attach great importance to the development of state-owned enterprise reform and party building.October 2016, the CPC Central Committee held a special national state-owned enterprise party building work conference, General Secretary attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, the state-owned enterprises to strengthen party building clear direction.Nineteen big party constitution amendment, further defined the SOE Party functional orientation, to work for the SOE Party, played a fundamental role in providing follow.Companies around the Party Central Committee conscientiously implement the deployment requirements, push forward Party building state-owned enterprises to explore accumulated a lot of good experience and good practices.With the full advance party strictly to the depth, the CPC Central Committee and State-owned enterprises to strengthen party building a series of policies for system integration, the enterprises to strengthen party building good experience and good practices to be analyzed and summarized to the overall work of the SOE Party design and comprehensive specification, it is necessary.In accordance with the requirements of the CPC Central Committee second half of 2020, we embarked on the drafting of the "Regulations".Depth study of the drafting group, the system sort out the relevant central policies, went to 21 provinces and autonomous regions, 120 state-owned enterprises field research, interviews discussion 356 local Party Committee Organization Department, the state-owned assets supervision departments and state-owned enterprises Party Leader.After the first draft, solicit the central departments, provinces and autonomous regions and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, each tube-in-tube financial enterprises and business units of a total of 124 comments.In November 2020, the general secretary has chaired a meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee, Politburo meeting, approved the "Regulations" draft.December 30, the CPC Central Committee issued the "Regulations"."Regulations" is a new era of state-owned enterprises to strengthen party building basically follows.Developed and implemented the "Regulations", for upholding and strengthening the party leadership on comprehensive state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises to improve the quality of party building, improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, enhance the competitiveness of state-owned economy, innovation, control, influence, anti- risk ability, bigger, stronger state capital, has very important significance.Q: Will the development of the "Regulations" What are the main principles to follow?A: In the "Regulations" to develop work, we follow the following principles: First, implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee.Thoroughly implement the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, fully embodies the spirit of the party of nineteen, implement the deployment of a national state-owned enterprise party building work conference.Second, insist on systems integration.Party Constitution as the fundamental follow, to fully absorb the outcome of the existing system, with the actual business, focused and difficult, so that organic link with the existing policy, interconnected.The third is to strengthen problem-oriented.General Secretary pointed out that the existence of the focus of state-owned enterprises party building weaken, fade, blur, marginalization, as well as outstanding issues in a new round of central enterprises inspection found, propose measures and methods.Fourth, focus on inheritance and innovation.Adapt to the new requirements of the new era of reform and development of state-owned enterprises, the practice has long been proven practices and experience in curing systems and regulations.The need for in-depth exploration of the proposed principle requires, policy space.Q: Please tell us about the main content and features of the "Regulations".A: The "Regulations" 9 chapters 41, covers all aspects of state-owned enterprises Party building."Regulations" clarified the guiding ideology and principles of work of state-owned enterprises work of party organizations, party organizations regulate state-owned enterprises set up, the provisions of the main responsibilities of SOE Party, defined the party members to strengthen the construction of state-owned enterprises with the relevant requirements."Regulations" to define the relationship between the party leadership and corporate governance, write articles of association from the party building work requirements, "two-way access, cross-representation" leadership structure, decision-making control, cadres and personnel work, employee participation in corporate governance and other aspects make provision."Regulations" stressed the need to strengthen the political party of the construction of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises to improve inner-party democracy and supervision system."Regulations" of the state-owned enterprises work of party building leadership system and job security also make provision.Overall, the "Regulations" to a new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly implement the spirit of Japan in nineteen ninth Two, Three, Fourth Plenary Session of the party, closely around the Partys new era of construction and general requirements new era partys organizational line, in close connection with the actual development of the state-owned enterprise reform, embodies the state-owned enterprise party building theory, practices and institutions since the results of the partys eighteen, he responded to the key and difficult problems of primary care concern, with strong guidance and operational.Q: The Japanese Constitution Party nineteenth emphasis on upholding and strengthening the overall leadership of the party, the partys ninth plenary session proposed four overall sound leadership system of the Party, I ask "regulations" to reflect and implement this requirement, which made arrangements for the system?A: The general secretary pointed out that the party and government military and civilian science, East and West, the party leadership is everything.State-owned enterprises is an important part of the national governance system of the Partys leadership, of course, to uphold the partys leadership."Regulations" thoroughly implement the spirit of the nineteen Japan in ninth Second, Third and Fourth Plenum of the Party Constitution on the requirements, thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary, vivid proposed to uphold and strengthen the overall leadership of the party state-owned enterprises, and as a red line throughout, made a series of provisions, explicitly required.Party committees explicitly state-owned enterprises play a leading role in the direction, overall pipe, Paul implemented, pursuant to discuss and decide on major issues enterprises.Clear state-owned enterprises should be written into the articles of association of party building work requirements, specify the duties and powers of party organizations, institutional settings, Important operational mechanism, basic security, and other research and discussion is clearly the party board of directors, managers pre-program decision-making on major issues.Uphold and improve the "two-way enter, cross-representation" leadership system, to ensure the partys leadership into the various aspects of corporate governance, enterprise party organizations embedded into the corporate governance structure, the role of the party organization, systematization, and concrete.In practice, the following points need attention.About the Party building requires write the Articles of Association, in conjunction with corporate ownership structure, management and other practical, hierarchical classification, according to local conditions, a distinction wholly state-owned, wholly-owned, state-owned enterprises and state-owned capital absolute control of capital relative holding companies, listed companies distinguish Unlike the case of non-listed companies, to avoid simplistic, one size fits all.About "two-way access, cross-representation", concurrently chairman of the superior business leaders businesses, branch offices and other non-independent corporate enterprises how to implement, in conjunction with the actual situation, can not be mechanically applied, up and down as thick.Q: nineteen Japanese National Organization party conference stressed the need to close the partys organizational system to enhance force the party grassroots organizations, will "Regulations" is how to embody and implement this requirement?A: The general secretary of the national organization of the meeting put forward a new era on the partys distinctive organizational line, he stressed the need to focus on building organizational system.Thus highlighting the great nineteenth-party grassroots party organizations and political functions, improve organizational power."Regulations" implement the new era of the partys organizational line, state-owned enterprises to strengthen the partys organization system made a clear request.First, the guiding ideology, emphasizing enhance the "four consciousness" firm "four self-confidence", so that "two maintenance", insisted that the Party, party strictly round, prominent political functions, improve organizational power.Second, the organizational setting, requiring that standardize all kinds of party organizations set up, clear the temporary projects, R & D team set up a provisional party organization, party or adjust the synchronization settings of mixed ownership in advancing the process of reform, effective implementation of the Partys work.Third, the cadre training, adhere to the requirements of the Party Administrators, the principle of the Party and Upgrade, ensure that the party leadership and management of cadres and personnel work on important cadres, the implementation of party loyalty, to be creative, well-run enterprises, technology enterprises promising, clean and honest "20 words" requirements, focus on building high-quality professional staff of state-owned enterprise leaders.Fourth, on the work carried out, requirements for maintaining and promoting the work of party building depth integration with enterprise production and management, and actively adapt to the new situation and new tasks and new requirements, identify production and business services, the combination of the masses of workers to participate in the focus of grassroots governance, promote the concept of grassroots party building innovation, institutional innovation, innovative means to promote the work of party building high-quality production and management tasks to implement the enterprise to enterprise reform and development results verify the effectiveness of the party.Fifth, on the basis of security, it requires the actual need to set up party work organization, with a certain percentage of part-time party workers, by including management fees, dues and other channels to protect the party retained funding for the work, built with good activity positions, according to the party organization to ensure there agency steward, someone Officer, has funded work.Q: clear, state-owned enterprise management major issues must be discussed by the party committee, and then make a decision by the board of directors or managers "Regulations".How to grasp the concrete implementation of the?A: State-owned enterprises were pre-party committee to study and discuss major issues is to implement the "two a consistent" requirement, the partys leadership and unify the system of corporate governance is important arrangements."Regulations" clearly stipulates that implement the Party Central Committee decision to deploy and implement major management issues six major initiatives aspects of national development strategies, enterprise development strategy, must make a decision by the board of directors or managers after party committee discussion.Pre-study and discuss matters to be decided mainly to see whether the Partys line, principles and policies, whether strategic fit of the party and the country, whether it helps improve enterprise efficiency and enhance their competitive strength, increasing the value of state assets, whether it helps to safeguard the public interests and the legitimate interests of the masses of workers.In practice, companies according to a matter in which six aspects, combined with the actual development of the list of issues discussed in the pre-study, to clarify the powers and responsibilities of committees and other governance body of the board of directors, supervisors, managers, etc., to prevent the party committee meetings as a "basket "big and small are installed inside.Party organizations should not only good direction not acting on their behalf, it can not absence out of position can not be misplaced offside.An excuse to establish a modern enterprise system deny or cancel the partys leadership is undoubtedly wrong, but the party organization directly as enterprise production and management decision-making and command center does not conform to party organizations in enterprises functional orientation.Different types, different levels of business, pre-study content and focus should be different, you can not engage across the board.All localities should strengthen specific guidance on building institutional mechanism to discuss the pre-research firm, the study of the development of pre-owned enterprises in the region to discuss the matter as soon as possible a list of the model text.Also note that state-owned enterprises can not replace the party committee pre-study and discuss other corporate governance decision-making body, the board of the party leadership team members must implement the party decision.The Board for objection, the party committee to strengthen the analysis and study, strengthen communication and coordination with the board, and timely adjust and improve; no agreement to coordinate communication, should be reported to the higher Party organizations or investors.Q: The big party nineteenth emphasize the partys political building in the first place, this "regulation" is how to embody?A: The general secretary noted that the political party is the partys fundamental building, direction and decided to party building effect.Nineteen distinct large party put forward the partys political building in the first place.State-owned enterprises is an important material basis and political foundations of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is an important pillar in governing and rejuvenating the party relying on the strength and."Regulations" implement the requirements of the general secretary instructions and nineteenth Congress of the CPC, starting from the position, role and nature of the features of state-owned enterprises, specializing in the development of "political construction" chapter, made clear that the construction of state-owned enterprises to strengthen political party.First, the emphasis on improving political stance, and strengthen the political lead, to enhance the ability of political, ecological conservation politics, political risk prevention, firmly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, encourage enterprises to focus the primary responsibility for the main industry, the service of national development strategies, the full implementation of economic responsibility, political responsibility, social responsibility.Second is to ask the partys innovative theory of armed party members and cadres and workers, to promote a new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics into the business, workshop, into the team and our minds, to lead the masses of workers, then listen to the party, with the party.The third is clearly leading the socialist core values of corporate culture, heritage and carry forward the fine tradition of state-owned enterprise style, fostering national identity, enhance morale challenges to enhance the industry and rejuvenating the country, industry serve the country of Manner.Fourth, put forward the ideological and political work as a regular, basic work, to solve ideological problems with solving practical problems and do more popular, heartwarming, steady work of the people, building a harmonious labor relations in an effort to resolve the contradictions at the grassroots level.Fifth, with emphasis on upholding the party building construction group, to promote mass organizations unite and mobilize the masses of workers around the enterprise reform, development and production contributions, do more good things for the masses of workers, problem-solving things, maintaining and developing the interests of the masses of workers.Q: Party members are the bodys cells, may I ask the "Regulations" to strengthen state-owned enterprise which requires the building of party members?A: The "Regulations" party member education and management services for the supervision of state-owned enterprises, the role of party members and put forward specific requirements.First, strengthen education and training required to strengthen political theory education, the partys purpose of education, the Constitution Party regulations, discipline and revolutionary tradition education, organizing and guiding Party members to conscientiously study party history, the history of new China, the history of reform and opening up, promoting the "two learn to do a" normalization of long-term mechanism to institutionalize learning education, the establishment of early heart did not forget, remember our mission of.Second, strict supervision and management, requires serious party organizational life, improve the quality of the "three will be a lesson" to implement talk talk, council democratic party, theme party day, leaders speak gave lectures and other systems, strengthen the daily management of party members, establish and improve the party helping care, strictly enforce party discipline.Third, the development of party members to do the work, emphasizing the political criteria in the first place, focusing on the production line management, youth workers and highly educated populations in the development of party members, and strive to have each team member, to technical experts, young experts and other talents, Party organizations should strengthen ties, focus on training.Fourth, to promote the role proposed in close connection with the production and operation to carry out party activities, party members and the establishment of the area of responsibility, 党员示范岗, commando members, service team members to guide the party members to excel, to tackle tough, actively participate in volunteer service, Note that play an important role in the regional party building and party members and grassroots governance.Q: Regarding state-owned enterprises and improve Party building leadership system, the implementation of party building responsibility, "Regulations" What are the requirements put forward?How central leadership to guide enterprises to better fulfill the responsibilities of enterprises directly under the Party Building Work?A: The "Regulations" implement the spirit of the partys national state-owned enterprises Construction Work Conference, to strengthen top-level design, in accordance with the principle of the unity of the tube in possession of party building, the establishment of the centralized, clear responsibility, organic convergence of state-owned enterprises work of party building leadership structure.Sound made down through the powerful execution tight system, the formation of the unified leadership of party committees, party organizations to grasp the overall sector-led, party specific guidance on state-owned assets supervision and daily management department, cooperate closely, party organizations in enterprises of duty in the work.In addition, the "Regulations" is also clear, in vertical tubes financial enterprises Party committee leadership of party organizations of the system, is responsible for the system do a good job of party building work.We should pay attention to party building responsibility, responsibility to catch those responsible should pay attention."Regulations" to provide for state-owned enterprises party building responsibility system, the implementation of responsibility and accountability.Party committees at all levels should earnestly perform their main responsibility for running the party strictly a comprehensive, state-owned enterprises to do a good job of party building as a share of responsibilities, an obligation to do.Party committee responsible comrades should always intervene, organization departments should take the lead grasp the total state-owned assets supervision departments should strengthen the party organization specific guidance and daily management responsibility step by step compaction."Regulations" proposed to strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of the responsibility system of party building, the full implementation of grassroots party organization secretary of the party building assessment being judged by reporting catch, layers of conductive pressure, promote the implementation of work."Regulations" stressed the responsibility must be asked, default reserved for the partys ideological construction of state-owned enterprises do not pay attention, work can not force a timely reminder, interviews or reprimand, rectification.In violation of the provisions of the "Regulations", in accordance with the relevant provisions of accountability.Enterprises directly under the central enterprise party building work, in accordance with the principle of the unity of party building pipe possession, to the central business party leadership, guidance-based, enterprise party committees to assist the seat of the city - more than.The Central Party Committee is responsible for corporate planning, Focus on Research enterprises directly under the Party building work to promote the deployment and supervise the implementation.Party organizations in enterprises directly under the general election, the central party committee based company guidance, approval procedures in accordance with relevant provisions of the party.The central enterprises and enterprises directly under the Party Congress was held to be under the local party is the party of the next level of enterprise distribution Deputies.The central enterprise party committee deems it necessary, transfer or appoint responsible enterprises directly under the Party.Local party committees do a good job co-ordinate the partys central business enterprises directly under the Party building work at the local, specific commitment to develop the macro guidance of party members, the party statistics, membership dues management, as well as the National Congress and local elected representatives, the party in recognition of work organizational deployment, supervision and inspection.Q: do the work of party building of state-owned enterprises, it is important to protect the power.Will the "Regulations" of the state-owned enterprise party work to strengthen the organization and the team put forward party building work which requires?A: With the deepening of the party strictly comprehensive, standard state-owned enterprise party building work getting higher and higher, to party cadres of professionalism and expertise also put forward higher requirements.From a practical situation, the partys state-owned enterprises set up working bodies are not unified, non-standard names, functions of focus, lack of personnel and other issues has been more prominent forces.To solve these problems, "Regulations" clearly stated from three aspects.First, set up regulatory bodies.SOEs to set up an office party committee, Organization Department, Propaganda Department and other agencies work according to actual needs; personnel management leadership and grass-roots party organizations are generally the responsibility of a unified department, belong to two departments should be in charge by the same leadership team members.Second, a clear staffing.Requirements based on the number of enterprise employees and the actual needs, with a certain percentage of part-time party workers; optimal selection with strong party organization secretary of the Party branch secretary job as an important step training and selection of corporate leaders; the selection of political quality, familiar management, upright style, prestigious in the masses of workers to do the work of party building backbone party, the party of jobs as an important platform to cultivate compound talents; business center with full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee, the larger, more staff and the number of party members central enterprises owned enterprises and local state-owned enterprises can be equipped with full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee.The third is to strengthen the quality promotion.Called for strengthening the Party branch secretary and party training of staff to ensure the party branch secretary and staff attended intensive training at least once a year; the new general secretary of the party branch office to complete the training within six months, resolve and enthusiasm did tricks, do not want to do It will do so on.Q: Please talk about how to do a good job implementing the "Regulations".A: The study and publicize, implement the "Regulations" is an important task of party organizations at all levels.In accordance with the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, Party committees at all levels shall consolidate the partys base height of view, the state-owned enterprise party building as an important task tube party-party pay close attention to, and take effective measures to strengthen the responsibility to implement and promote the "Regulations" fall into practice, see effectiveness.Through concentrated study, seminars, etc., the party organizations at all levels especially state-owned enterprise party organizations and party members and cadres to understand the spirit of the "Regulations", to fully grasp the contents of the "Regulations", strictly observe and implement the "regulations".To organize the training, the "Regulations" into the Party Committee theory study group learning content and party school education programs, state-owned assets supervision departments and state-owned enterprises Party Party official focus of the training, state-owned enterprise party staff to conduct special training in rotation, to improve the use of "regulations" to promote the party building in state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises to enhance the quality of work of party building skills.To strengthen supervision and inspection, to promptly resolve issues related to the "Regulations" in the implementation of.Central Organization Department will organize studying and implementing the "Regulations" symposium, and in conjunction with relevant departments to strengthen supervision and guidance to ensure the implementation of the provisions are.

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