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  Inner Mongolia warm heart "shop owner": Keeping a mask is to seek the light of life Title: Inner Mongolia warm heart "shop owner": a mask is to fight for the life of the light red Zhu Zhang Wei Zhao Baoming photo shows the public free of charge medical masks.Zhu red photo "Zhongwang supermarket New batch of surgical masks, there is a need to come to take, free of charge!A small number!Do their little contribution to help fight the epidemic."27, the micro-channel group Xingan League of Inner Mongolia Aer citizens in the emergence of such a heart-warming information led to a thumbs up.Recently, due to the rapid expansion of the epidemic of pneumonia novel coronavirus infection, N95,3M, basic medical masks out of stock.The public Aer mouth said this provides medical masks are a small local supermarket.The supermarket boss Zhao Baoming said: "I do not sell only to send masks.Masks out of stock now, a lot of people can not buy a mask, and Im small people, no great skill, just wanted to do something for everyone, not many masks, each person can only send thirty-five, should an emergency, I tried my own can improve everyones awareness."Zhao Baoming reason since the purchase of masks distributed free of charge to residents, is to let everyone together to improve the prevention and control of the epidemic vigilance and awareness.As of press time reporter, Zhao Baoming has been issued before and after more than 380 medical masks.Snow is a purchasing shop "90" store owner, she returned from Beijing Spring Festival home in Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Banner holidays, a vacation break.The picture shows the snow original price for customers buying masks.Zhangwei it "did not expect the novel coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak as quickly as a tornado swept.My holiday plans wasted."Snow said," Domestic masks can be used to prevent and control outbreaks of the moment out of stock, beginning from the first day, Ill help you buy masks in a small partner in South Korea contact."Snow said:" It is the people united, united, I and small partners to Wuhan donated masks 1000 to support front-line warrior, is a mask for a light of life for.The remaining masks will take home purchase price to sell, do a little modest for the epidemic prevention and control."Customers have said that the epidemic raging, it is the shop owner who held a warm heart, so that we have against the invisible enemy courage.

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