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  Henan start Poverty Project cancer patients Co-sponsored by the Henan Province, Henan Provincial Hospital Foundation and the Red Cross "Let Medical Road cancer patients love" Poverty Project recently started.Cancer patients who meet the criteria can apply for relief 8000 yuan relief funds.The launch of the Poverty Project cancer patients, scheduled for August 2020 to December rescue 500 poor patients with poor households, low households, "five guarantees", proof of revolutionary martyrs and disabled family member, or long-term suffering from cancer, many patients sickness may apply for 8000 yuan of relief funds.Cancer patients meet the criteria can apply for relief aid through two channels, one is eligible to obtain relief through the county Red Cross, and then the provincial Red Cross Foundation will notify the list of aid projects designated medical institutions - Henan Provincial Hospital, according to hospital after the preliminary list, inform the patient to the hospital, the expert consultation, treatment plan, arrange hospitalization; the second is to directly apply Henan Provincial hospital for treatment, the treatment can be arranged in advance, and then the local Red Cross program to supplement the relevant formalities.To protect public welfare project, the project will be publicized rescue the situation in the relevant media, accept social supervision.

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